Sleeping Ranker Chapter 91 Release Date

The action-packed comic “Sleeping Ranker” shows Lee Hyunsung’s incredible journey. WarLuck wrote the book, and Cheon Jinhui did the artwork.

After spending 10,000 hours playing the online game Idea, Lee Hyunsung, a competitive gamer, embarks on an incredible journey. Among his many special abilities is the incredible ability to fight while asleep.

Because of his diligence, he has been granted access to this special hidden class. Players and coders alike start to take an interest in Hyunsung’s enigmatic abilities as he advances through the ranks.

Action, fiction, and martial arts enthusiasts should read “Sleeping Ranker” since it seems like a really intriguing tale in which the lines between reality and virtual reality are blurred. Please let me know where I can read Sleeping Ranker chapter 91 as soon as it’s released.

Sleeping Ranker Chapter 90 Recap!

In Chapter 90 of the book “Sleeping Ranker,” the main character, known as “Master,” meets a mysterious person named Acheron. The story suddenly gets worse from here.

Acheron is a prophet eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Master. The Master is initially surprised by Acheron’s warm welcome. Acheron is afraid that the Sacred One will appear when he is not with the Master, so he has been waiting.

In the conversation, Acheron discusses his role as a messenger and how Thanos, the god of dreams, sleep, and death, granted him “the Power of Death.”

He is happy that the Master is still alive, even though he admits to having a very bad thought while waiting. Acheron’s role is to continue Lord Thanos’s work by granting Death Transcendence to the next god, who will then instruct the Netherworld.

If someone comes back to life after dying, this ability prevents them from becoming weaker due to the effects of death. However, there are some drawbacks, such as losing skill points and levels.

Acheron offers to assist the Master in capturing reapers as part of the power test. The Master is brought to a location where all skills are disabled, meaning the only way to defeat reapers is by using sheer strength.

Acheron tells the Master that capturing just one reaper will make progress, even though there isn’t much treatment available in the world. Acheron discusses how Thanos created followers similar to himself during the war. People are curious about Thanos’ whereabouts.

Acheron believes that the Master, a new god, is currently asleep after completing a test. However, things become strange when the Master unexpectedly captures and kills all the reapers simultaneously.

Acheron is in awe of the Master’s power and expresses gratitude for being forgiven for his past actions. This achievement grants the Master the titles “King of the Reapers” and “Death Transcendence.”

Sleeping Ranker Chapter 91 Release Date And Time!

The next chapter of Sleeping Ranker, Chapter 91, will be released on October 10, 2023. Here’s the release date for Sleeping Chapter 91 in different parts of the world:

  • 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (9 October 2023)
  • 9:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time (9 October 2023)
  • 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (9 October 2023)
  • 9.30 p.m. IST (9 October 2023).
  • 12:00 a.m. (Korean Standard Time) (10 October 2023)
  • 12:00 a.m. JST (October 10, 2023).
  • Eastern Daylight Time in Australia: 02:00 AM AEDT (10 October 2023)

Sleeping Ranker Chapter 91 Spoilers!

As of now, the hints for Chapter 91 of “Sleeping Ranker” have not been released to the public. Fans are excitedly waiting for updates on the next chapter, but currently, there haven’t been any leaks or spoilers in the manga community.

Fans are eagerly anticipating Chapter 91 to see what happens next in the story and to learn more about the characters.

Where to Read Sleeping Ranker Chapter 91?

To read Sleeping Ranker Chapter 91, fans can visit the Kakao Page. You can also read Sleeping Ranker in English on Tapas.

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